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A consultancy service specialising in acquiring emerging and contemporary art and design. We offer an in-depth analysis of the market and advice on effectively building and sustaining viable collections.

Through our extensive network of specialists we offer consultation on buying, loaning, selling & installing both art and design. We also provide consultancy on artistic direction in a broader sense through brokering collaborations between artists and brands and integrating their work into overall propositions as well as public and private spheres.


A curatorial and project management service to facilitate the exhibition and commission of art and design. We create the overall concept and work closely with artists in ensuring that the work is exhibited with the artist’s mission in mind.

We are also produce unique site-specific artistic interventions working with a wide range of clients from permanent and temporary public art commissions to integrated installations for interior spaces. Theses strategies are tailored to the client’s brief and range from site-specific artwork lighting, sculpture, water, sound, poetry, film and video, artist residencies.

Arts Programming

An arts programming service which includes artist studio visits, talks, curator-led tours of art fairs, gallery spaces, institutions and private collection visits. These events are designed to encourage cultural dialogue through educating and entertaining both novice and expert enthusiasts alike.

We strongly believe that this level of exposure to the arts helps broaden awareness, redefine perceptions and ultimately refine your aesthetic sensibilities. This acts as a springboard in allowing you to navigate the art scene with increasing independence and assurance of your own tastes.



    Alex is a private consultant who trained in Bristol, Paris & London and has previously managed global arts businesses primarily building extensive collections with private collectors, corporate firms and luxury brands.

    Furthermore she has curated exhibitions with artists, galleries and undertaken commissions for both private clients and corporates with a strong focus on providing a platform for young artists and designers. She has extensive experience conceiving and curating cultural programmes which include Soho House, London Design Festival, Omega, BMW & London Olympics.

    Alex is incredibly passionate about communicating ideas and concepts to young collectors through spotlighting earlier career artists with promising investment potential and mediating between artist and client. The voice of an artist is truly unique and it is a fascinating process dissecting the creative message and reassembling this for targeted audiences.

    As a result she conceived the company Contemporary Key in order to meet this demand and guide young professionals around the London art scene in order to introduce key galleries and spaces. Her experience here was invaluable in helping truly understand the fabric of the landscape of young collectors.

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